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           Ecumenical Miracle Rosary Conference Call

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Resurrection of Christ Giovanni Bellini



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Jesus Feeds The 5000
Gustave Doré


Jesus Raises Lazarus
Gustave Doré

Jesus macht aus Wasser Wein

Jesus Changes Water into Wine
Gustave Doré

The rosary was meant not only to be prayed alone, but
also with others, and therefore this ministry holds periodic conference calls so that we can pray the Ecumenical Miracle Rosary together. This is the best way to learn how to pray the Ecumenical Miracle Rosary, especially if you have never prayed a rosary-type devotion before. We hold these conference calls three times a year: once every Advent, once every Lent, and once in the Summer.

The calls are confidential to all participants, and I will only
ask that participants tell me their first names so I can
get a count of everyone. 

I ask that we join together on Sunday, the 23rd of December at 7:30PM EST to pray for the intentions of those on the call. This is a free call for participants within the US, but international callers will need to pay long distance charges to get on the conference bridge. The call will last approximately 30 minutes and you can leave the call at any time.  I am also asking that we limit the phone call to praying the rosary, and have set up a MSN community called "Ecumenical Miracle Rosary" for any subsequent discussions related to our prayer session. It can be accessed by going to and going to the "Ecumenical Miracle Rosary" community. 

Please send me an e-mail at and tell me that you want to be part of the conference call.  I will send you the phone number and access code. If you cannot make the call for any reason, send me another e-mail telling me that you cannot make it. This will allow me to give your space to someone else. 

I hope that you can pray with us!!!! 

God Bless, 

The Ecumenical Miracle Rosary