Please pray for my family to all be reconciled.  I ask for prayers that my son and daughter , and son in law make up and forgive each other.  I pray my son is a good father to his son and does not leave him alone like he has been. My grandson is 16 and a nice boy in a divorced family and spends most of his time alone for days.  We live to far away to help.

Please I pray for my son to be caring and loving before it is too late. I ask for prayers for a joyful , loving , Blessed Christmas and for everyone to get along from now on. Thank You Lord for everything. Please pray for healing of all my illnesses.  Thank You Lord.



Also please if you could pray for me my request :- My husband Kiran -his salvation ,his belief in Christ and him to be delivered completely from idol worship, smoking, drinking and other health problems.   For me to have a normal ,safe delivery of our baby due in Feb end or March beginning and to have a healthy baby. For my husband to be placed in a good job soon and that we can have home of our own and not share with other relatives or parents and we can provide our child a good Christian environment

Dear lord, in the name of jesus pls give my husband vinod, the wisdom to do the right and pls guide him in all his decisions. Lord pls protect my husband vinod from all legal problems, arrest, harm and anyone who tries to do him wrong .let no weapon formed against vinod prosper. lord keep him in your protection always. thankyou.

Dear lord, pls open the windows of heaven, this christsmas and pour out mighty financial blessings on our family.pls take away all our problems and miseries and bless us with peace and prosperity in abundance.lord. pls keep us in your protection always.thankyou.praise the lord.

Please pray for me for financial assistance from Jesus and Mother Mary to meet our needs to build my home and to meet other needs.  Also pray that we remain in the Grace of God.

Thank you,



Please pray my son and grandson have a Christmas tree before Christmas and

that my grandson has a very nice birthday this year. Please I pray for Guardian

Angels to watch over them and keep them safe from all evil that is in their lives.

I pray for my son to no longer have any addictions and for both to return and practise

the Catholic Faith faithfully. For all this I pray in the Name of the Lord. Amen

Thank you for these prayers.


Pray for healing for my Son-Alex-has a shoulder injury and might need surgery-and would not be able to play HS baseball his last year and possible College.

Pray that my daughter gets into Nursing School at her College or where she is intended to go. Pray for my husband Rick- for respect and understanding between him and our kids.

Pray for peace and Gods grace in our home.

do however have some pressing prayer requests that I would like added to the prayer list:
•Thanksgiving for God's goodness to my family (Nuclear & Extended).
•Praying for safe delivery for Dai.
•Praying for fruits of the womb for self and others.
•Really angry now because of a drastic cut in my salary and work conditions in my work place. Have been a Contractor staff for about 8 years now and been denied several times when it comes to Direct Staff positions, salary increments and job progression. I have seen a lot of double standard. Enough is enough! I pray that God will show me favor even as I have labored and continue to labor in His vineyard.
•I pray for God to favor our Immigration requests.
•I pray for God's wisdom upon my husband & I to bring up our covenant child in His ways. May God's favour be upon us.
•Praying that God will grant Rose peace of mind and the fortitude to bear her loss. May God grant her the grace to move on and excel.
•Praying for excellent Job opportunities for self, brothers and sister.
•Praying for journey mercies for all travellers especially at this festive period.
•Committing all children to God, may He guide, shield, protect and favour them. May God also sheild everyone of us from all evil.
•Praying for God to provide a God fearing Nanny for our child.

Please do acknowledge receipt.
Thank you and regards to your family.

Yours in Jesus and Mary,

My Prayer requests as I Need Miracles In My Life. Please Pray For My Son And Me. We Need Our Lord Jesus' Blessings In All Areas Of Our Lives. Most importantly Academia For My Son Nick. Nick Needs To Have A Sound Mind For His Course Work And Confidence He Can And Will Succeed In All He Does With A Mind Of Christ Jesus. We Need A Financial Blessing, An Out Pouring Financially Blessing Us. I Have No Health insurance and am 55 with health issues. I work with youth offenders and I need Your Prayers For God To Allow Me To Be Successful In My Desire To Become An Attorney. Lastly, The Man I Love Who Asked God To Bless Our Relationship by lighting a candle in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris Has Turned Away From Me Saying Jesus is just a man...not the Almighty. Samy is a good man who lives in France. Samy’s Mind has been corrupted by non-believers and they have influenced him to turn away from me because I am a Believer In Jesus...I Ask For Your Prayers For Samy To Be Saved, And For Samy And I To Be Blessed And United By Our Lord Christ Jesus For All Of Our Lives As A Loving Couple Praising And Giving Thanks To Jesus For Our Restoration, Love And Believing In Him. I ask for your Prayers And Blessings As My Own Pastor of our Church has allowed a wedding that embraced everything dark, black and red to be held in our Church Sanctuary with a black alter. After this occurrence, I do not believe our church has, it's Blessings. I need A True Believer To Bless Me, My Son and Our Circumstances. Please Help Us...Please Most Sincerely,

Please will you pray for me. At the moment I am entirely confused I am not sure what to even ask you to pray for. I just know that the man I love has been ignoring me all day and I am so upset about it and don't know what to do, I wish there was a way to make him reply and realise what he is doing to me is so wrong and that God would come through for me and put an end to the mess we are in but bless us with a happy and fruitful relationship. Thanks so much for your prayers.

Pls pray for me and my family and a happy marriage..and also family to prosper..

God bless


please add my name to the lists for healing, health, protection, prosperity, a home, a job that we love, forgiveness and God's favor in all things. Please take the fear from my heart too. Amen

thank you

Debbie Francis Alldritt

My name is Dora and my intentions is to get to know God better find a deeper relationship with him every day of my life